Polo Beach Update (August 2013)

After Siri Masterson’s complaints to the Honolulu news media and North Shore Neighborhood Board earlier this year, regulars at Polo Beach have reported visits by uniformed Honolulu Police Department (HPD) officers to the beach at least twice.  The two known visits took place on weekdays.

Apparently the HPD officers are talking to nudists they encounter and asking/advising them to be “respectful” of others.  Ironically, it seems that HPD is taking on the role of being “beach ambassadors”.

There have been no known citations or arrests made as a result of these visits.  These HPD visits are presumably in response to Masterson’s  complaints.  Why they choose to make them on weekdays when the beach is less crowded compared to weekends is unknown.

From my experience, most Polo Beach users show aloha and follow common naturist etiquette.  Although it can be intimidating to be visited and talked to by the police, as long as beach users refrain from public sex acts, avoid those that choose to stay clothed (and Masterson), and keep your eyes open for those visitors that might be offended by nudity, simply being nude and enjoying the sun and swimming at Polo Beach is not a crime.

Act Naturally Movie

Act Naturally Movie

This movie is now available on video on demand from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Playstation, and YouTube.  I purchased and downloaded it from iTunes, and thoroughly enjoyed the High Definition version.

Much of this award winning independent movie was shot on location at the Olive Dell Ranch in Colton, California.  The actors are believable in their roles, the cinematography is well done, and the plot, which is about two step-sisters who had never met each other inheriting their late father’s nudist resort, is entertaining.  Although it isn’t a documentary, it captures the essence of living and enjoying naturism at a private resort.

The soundtrack is provided by independent musicians.  The track “Waving My Arms” by Steven Rogowksi, which plays during the closing credits, is at the link below.


I highly recommend this movie!

Naturist/Nudist Rights at Polo Beach Under Attack

Siri Masterson, manager of the horseback riding business behind Polo Beach, recently made a presentation to the Oahu North Shore Neighborhood Board to complain about nudity and alleged sex acts which she observed there. 

Recent media coverage:

KITV:  http://www.kitv.com/news/hawaii/Should-there-be-nude-sunbathing-in-Mokuleia/-/8905354/19482142/-/7krruw/-/index.html

Hawaii News Now:  http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/21803625/concerns-about-nudity-sex-acts-at-beach-in-mokuleia

The Hawaii Supreme Court precedent, State of Hawaii versus Kalama, established the right to nude sunbathing here (and presumably other locations):