Aloha and welcome to my blog!  I hope it provides you useful information on Hawai’i’s naturist/nudist beaches and other related information.  Enjoy your visit!

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  1. we are new residence of pearl city. We are novice nudist and would like to know more about polo beach. Any 2015 updates on police or any confrontations?

    • Aloha Thomas and Sheral! Mahalo for visiting my blog! I haven’t updated my blog recently because there really hasn’t been any bad news to report. I’m usually at Polo Beach every week, and from my discussions with other regular beach users, there has not been a known police presence harassing nudists or confrontations to speak of. Most of the regular nudists tend to sit in the same general area and you are always welcome to join us. I have enjoyed nude sunbathing and swimming there with no problems whatsoever. The allegations of public sexual activity were focused on the extreme east end of the beach which is traditionally the “gay” area. Apparently the complaining property owner repaired some fencing to keep people off of her private property. If someone makes a complaint about public sex, the police probably will respond, but most people are responsible and discreet.

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