Signs at Polo Beach – Then and Now

Regular beach goers and visitors to Polo Beach are greeted by a sign on the roadside of the public right of way path to the beach listing activities and things that are prohibited on the beach.

Up until recently, the sign at left below had been posted for years (this photo was taken in 2013), with “nudity” expressly prohibited.  Of course, this may have discouraged first-timers who don’t know about the long time customary, unofficial clothing optional usage of the beach here or the State of Hawaii versus Kalama ruling of the Hawaii Supreme Court which upheld the right to nonsexual nudity here (see

Without any known public announcement of a policy change, a new sign at right below was posted as of November 2015.  Note that “nudity” no longer appears on the list of prohibited activities on the current sign posted as depicted in the image at right below!