Polo Beach Update – June 6, 2015


Since my last update, nothing has changed.  Naturists and nudists continue to enjoy Polo Beach. The overwhelming number of locals and visitors to this beach behave responsibly with aloha while enjoying nude sunbathing and swimming here.

Today, at approximately 3:30 PM, two uniformed Honolulu Police Department (HPD) officers visited the beach. They came in two cars, a marked HPD police cruiser and a private (subsidized) vehicle with the blue light on top. They entered the beach through the public access path, turned right and walked all the way to the end of the beach and back, exited via the public access path, and drove off.

As a precaution, most beach goers covered up with shorts, bikini tops and bottoms, or towels while the officers were there, although top free is 100 percent legal here for men and women. Most people want to avoid confrontations with the police, although the Hawaii State Supreme Court upheld the right to nonsexual nudity on this beach.

The police officers didn’t appear to be looking for anyone, and no one appeared to be  questioned or detained.  They walked all the way to the “gay” end of the beach, so it’s possible someone may have complained about alleged lewd acts taking place there.

This blogger has only seen uniformed HPD officers one other time on this beach and on that occasion, they were looking for a specific individual on charges unrelated to nudity, found and arrested him, and took him away.

Most beach goers here keep bikini bottoms or shorts handy and accessible in the event something like this happens.  There was plenty of warning as people who saw the police officers approaching put on their bottoms and even tops.  If you see many people putting on their bottoms at the same time, it’s probably because a police officer was sighted.

In more pleasant news, this blogger was swimming today at Polo Beach when unexpectedly an adult Hawaiian Monk Seal swam very close to me, surfaced briefly and raised his head out of the water as if to say “hello” and then swam away. Hawaiian Monk Seals are a very endangered species.  If you see one, please do not approach it and stay at least 3 feet away.  Read more about these fascinating creatures at the link below.


Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles are commonly seen in the waters at Polo Beach.  Likewise, if you see one, please don’t approach it and stay at least 3 feet away.


Have a great summer and enjoy social nudity and naturism!

5 thoughts on “Polo Beach Update – June 6, 2015

  1. Be aware…there is a “family” today that brought fishing rods and their children to Polo beach … Using “we were here first” to keep people from nude bathing near them. We were threatened with arrest and more for being nude on the beach (in one of the most recognized and traditional nudist locations on that specific beach). When one of the men said he was calling the police and we’d be arrested…we left. It became very clear that the fishing tactic and bringing along the children was purposeful…as a way to keep nude bathers away from that specific area! There is good fishing in many other areas on that long stretch of beach that are nowhere close to the nude bathing areas! We have been coming to Oahu for the past 8 years and have enjoyed browning our bodies on that beautiful beach…now we’ve been bullied and intimidated and may never return.

    • Sorry for your bad experience. I do appreciate you sharing your report with us. As an “unofficial” clothing-optional beach, those of us who are regulars there see this happen from time to time. This week is Fall break for public schools on Oahu, so there are more locals going to beaches on weekdays than usual. Occasionally we’ve seen “textiles” with keiki stray into the traditional clothing-optional area, but most leave. Sometimes a “textile” family will stay in an attempt to intimidate nudists, but we haven’t seen this happen yet on an organized or sustained basis. This is less likely to happen on weekends when there is a much greater presence of nudists there. If nothing else, as a Honolulu City and County beach park, top free for both genders is 100 percent legal under all circumstances there.

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